BLËSK is a suite of applications for network monitoring and management. It is comprised of a mix of open source and proprietary tools that come installed and configured on an optimized 64-bit version of CentOS Linux. BLËSK helps people see and understand the behaviour of their network. Anyone can quickly visualize, analyze, and pinpoint problems when they occur.

The complete suite of applications included with BLËSK represents a unified approach to network monitoring and management, offering network availability and security monitoring, event log management, network traffic analysis, asset tracking, and much more. With BLËSK there is no need to run multiple servers for different tasks, as all modules are optimized to run harmoniously on a single physical server or virtual machine.

Included with BLËSK are many popular open source tools that are configured and ready to use, saving you time and maintenance costs.

  • After installing BLËSK, clients have reported that they immediately began to find and fix problems on their networks. Some told us that the APM module helped them find all of the devices with hardware problems such as power supplies, fans, and problematic network interfaces.
  • Others used the ELM module to build a very intuitive and detailed dashboard, helping them quickly pinpoint important events contained within the stream of log messages being sent from devices on the network.
  • Schools love the fact that all of the features are very useful and nicely integrated on a single machine.
  • Cities use it to intuitively find out who is connected to which ports on their switches. They have reported that it takes much more time to accomplish the same thing using other more expensive tools than it does when using the BLËSK SPM module.
  • Hospitals love the fact that, with the BLËSK NPM module, they can maintain a precision of up to 30 seconds in graph oscillation, and can keep this amazing accuracy even if they go back in time in all statistical graphs.
  • A privately owned company uses the BLËSK NTA module to find out which users or applications are generating the most traffic from their remote offices around the province of Quebec. With the help of our free network probe, they are able to centralize all data into a single interface on the BLËSK server, which acts as the collector.

Who’s using BLËSK