Application Performance Monitor

Complete and intuitive monitoring where performance matters

Do you want to be able to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes? Automatically fix problems when they are detected and never be left having to explain why an unseen infrastructure outage hurt your organization’s bottom line.

Built using the popular Nagios Core project and enhanced with popular add-ons such as NagiosQL, NagVis, Nagios SNMP Trap Interface, BLËSK Application Performance Monitor features a complete and advanced setup with a wealth of pre-defined services and commands that are ready to use.

Designed for organizations of all sizes to easily leverage monitoring, it provides the precise status of application services, system processes, and network devices. Application Performance Monitor allows you to set a new standard of best practices for high availability, propelling successful businesses to new levels.



BLËSK Application Performance Monitor (APM) includes:

  • Nagios Core — The monitoring and alerting engine
  • NagiosQL — Graphical management interface for Nagios
  • Nagios SNMP Trap (NSTI) — Front end for viewing SNMP results
  • NagVis — Visualization tool for Nagios
  • Auto Discovery tool for scanning and importing computers
  • Many pre-configured checks, saving you time and configuration

APM provides a highly effective ability to monitor, alert and create reports. Quick to install; in less than a few minutes, you can monitor virtually any application from anywhere, anytime.

Watch everything

Monitor your entire infrastructure and business processes. Ensure outages have a minimal effect on your organization’s bottom line.

Keeps an eye on your components such as:

      • Servers Applications
      • Switches, Routers, Firewalls
      • SAN, UPS, Printers
      • Virtual Infrastructure
      • Hardware, databases, URL, etc…
      • Operating systems
      • Processes, Services, & Traps
      • VPN Tunnel, Uplink, etc…


Just 15 minutes and you are ready to go


APM is simple to set up and synchronize with your infrastructure, because it could be configured using wizards. Adding or reconfiguring an account is very easy. Creating a new application to monitor such as Exchange or SQL Server takes a few seconds.

BLËSK APM monitors Windows, Unix servers and includes the ability to monitor services, processes, scripts, ports and more.

Friendly Wizards – During the initial setup, Application Performance Monitor can automatically scan your network for servers, printers, network devices, UPS, and in just a few minutes later, is ready to start monitoring.

Easy to customize your environment

Because businesses evolve and grow over time, APM has been designed with the ability to adapt to these changes. Optimizing your infrastructure to reduce operating costs is a goal that can be achieved with the help of BLËSK Application Performance Monitor.

    • Fits all sizes of business
    • APM is available anywhere, anytime (Web based approach & responsive)
    • Graphical dashboards that can be customized and made available to select users
Simplification – Save time with a simplified layout and make use of previously created and frequently used service templates.

    • Control the behavior of hosts and services based on the status of other hosts or services
    • Organize views by creating categories by location, department, etc…
    • Visualize how all components work together (Business Process)
Managing alerts – High efficiency; not too many or too little. Optimize users work time by managing notifications.

    • Receive alerts about real problems (don’t get spammed)
    • Configure alerts and sequences according to your expectations, priorities, escalation

BLËSK Application Performance Monitor offers different methods to notify you, such as email, pages, SNMP traps, messages logs or by launching an external application.