website-design-symbol-1  A completely redesigned Blesk Web user interface

Blësk v5 is completely revised and redesigned. An intuitive interface with a dynamic design.

  • Switch tabs / module from any page (sub menu).
  • Log in / log out completely unified.
  • An HTML5 interface.
  • Addition of shortcut to self-detection scans from any module
  • Global software configuration more simple.


knowledge  More sophisticated and intelligent auto detection features

Enjoy the power of Blësk with auto-detection.

  • You can scans subnet easily and discover all machines that are hiding there.
  • Associate more services for each detected device.
  • Automatically detect uplinks of switches.


big-id-card  A new approach that allows the use if unlimited credentials for various types of access

Blësk allows you to have more than one access code for different machines on your network.

  • Now you can enter as many credentials as you wish.
  • Auto-detection of the credentials until there is a match with the equipment.
  • Access code reused in other Blësk module.


wrench  NCM module improved and redesigned

The Network Configuration Manager module is completely redesigned.

  • Ultrafast NPM module.
  • Improved page response time.
  • The graphics are greatly improved.
  • Add manually / automatically a device.


seo-performance-marketing-graphic-6  Simplification of ELM module

Do not get anymore headache with all the logs of your devices.

  • Improvement and updating of the RESTful database.
  • Better performance of the module.
  • Better filtering of the logs.
  • Highest ranking and interpretation of logs.
  • Adding predefined table for simplicity.

Find out more : new-features