Application Performance Monitor

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Device and Application monitoring made easy. Application Performance Monitor provides a series of simple and customizable dashboards giving you an overview of your infrastructure

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Complete and intuitive monitoring where performance matters. Built using the popular Nagios Core project, and enhanced with NagiosQL, NagVis, and Nagios SNMP Trap Interface, BLËSK Application Performance Monitor features a complete and advanced NagiosQL setup with a wealth of pre-defined services and commands that are ready to use.

Designed for organizations of all sizes to easily leverage monitoring, it provides the precise status of application services, system processes, and network devices. Application Performance Monitor allows you to set a new standard of best practises for high availability, propelling successful businesses to new levels.

• High visibility - Watch everything
• Mobile - From anywhere
• Do-it-Yourself - Easy to learn
• Fast to deploy - Quick; 15 minutes and you are ready to go
• Friendly Wizards - automatic search will help you get started
• Agentless monitoring - uses WMI for monitoring Windows systems. No agent installation required.
• Customizable - Easy to customize your environment (servers and devices)
• User-friendly - See only what you need to see with the intuitive interface
• Automation - Automatically scan your network in a snap
• Simplification - Save time with a simplified layout
• Performance - The virtual intelligence to improve speed and accuracy
• Expertise - Improve performance using best practices
• Managing alerts - highly efficient; not too many or too little
• Adaptable - Performance reports are easy to edit

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