Network Performance Monitor

Drill into any element to see it in real time

Keeping track of accurate performance data is vital when you have to go back in time and retrieve the information for comparison or to see the trends and evolution of your bandwidth, CPU, memory consumption, etc. It’s also important that this information be precise even if you return 5 years later and wish to see data fluctuations down to the second.

BLËSK Network Performance Monitor (NPM) uses the open source project Cacti, among others, to collect and analyze data from routers, switches, servers and other SNMP compatible devices in near real-time. Data is presented in detailed graphs for incredibly precise monitoring over time.




BLËSK Network Performance Monitor (NPM) includes:

  • Cacti — For collecting and graphing network data
  • Thold plugin — Threshold alert module
  • Discovery plugin — Automatic host discovery
  • Nectar plugin — Sends graphs to given mail address(es)
  • Mactrack plugin — End device port tracker
  • Cycle plugin — Automatically cycle through graphs

BLËSK Network Performance Monitor checks network availability and trends through the use of performance data.

Automatically detects available SNMP devices in your environment

Discover all SNMP enabled devices on your network automatically and start monitoring immediately on demand.

    • Automatically detect devices and start monitoring immediately
    • Program scheduled scans
    • Detect new devices added to your network

You will be able to use NPM in less than an hour. No need for an expensive specialist. The interface is friendly and intuitive.


Ensure better performance of your network at all times


BLËSK Network Performance Monitor provides a unified view of thousands of network nodes and interfaces.

The bandwidth monitoring utilization tools allow you to locate bottlenecks, see top switch interface usage, and find problem areas on a wide range of network devices.