Network Security Monitor

Monitor for malicious activities

Excels at traffic analysis and packet logging on networks. Detects thousands of worms, vulnerability exploit attempts, port scans, and other suspicious behaviour.

BLËSK Network Security Monitor (NSM) is a an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) built using Snort, Barnyard2, Pulled Pork, and Snorby. This tool monitors network activities for threats and policy violations and produces instant onscreen reports. NSM offers the broadest solution of advanced intrusion protection technology.



Some systems may attempt to stop an intrusion attempt but this isn’t expected of a monitoring system.

Intrusion detection is primarily focused on identifying possible incidents, hacking activities, intrusion attempts, malware, vulnerabilities, logging information about them, and reporting attempts.

IDS typically record information related to observed events, records important observed events, and produce reports.

Signature recognition

Network traffic is examined for preconfigured and predetermined attack patterns known as signatures which are constantly and automatically updated quickly to mitigate emerging threats.

Network Security Monitor is implemented at the perimeter of your organization, and it has visibility of all traffic entering and exiting. Where traffic has indications that it may be malicious, it is logged or flagged.


A large examining domain

Network Security Monitor

Virus and malware can hide within a network in the form of spyware, keylogging, password theft, and other types of malicious attacks. NSM can spot where they are hiding.

Among other, Network Security Monitor check for unauthorized network monitoring programs that may have been installed for the purpose of monitoring and recording user account data activity.