Network Traffic Analyzer

Real-time traffic monitoring

Need to know which user or application is generating the most traffic? Using BLËSK Network Traffic Analyzer you can pinpoint the source of that 40GB outbound traffic stream.

Using a traffic analyzer tool such as BLËSK Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) helps administrators to identify bandwidth utilization trends and provides an overview of network bandwidth usage. Based on ntop, NTA uses packet sniffing and Flow technologies (NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow) to monitor bandwidth usage. It stores the recorded bandwidth data in an RRDtool database and displays it in easy to read reports and graphs used to analyze usage over long periods of time.

High visibility – Watch everything


This tool give you a better understanding of resource consumption on your network. It can help you identify such things as bandwidth abusers, network anomalies, and malicious applications. The web interface provides friendly views in real time for your different locations.

  • Provide complete network traffic visibility
  • Identify entire protocols
  • See what is happening and explore problem areas, and traffic patterns
  • A multi-vendor tool

It is crucial for network operators to obtain information on where, why, when, how, and by whom specific applications are being used and how the usage might affect the network. This information is vital to enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing operational costs.

Use bandwidth with intelligence

NTA Provides you with reports of network bandwidth consumption trends for different periods of time. You can view consumption patterns and traffic trends across a day, week, month or year.

  • Find the ports most commonly used by applications
  • Analyze traffic such as YouTube, Facebook, Skype
  • Study and isolate abuse and unexpected bandwidth spikes
  • Display IP Traffic Subnet matrix (who’s talking to who?)

User friendly real-time reports show which hosts are using up the most bandwidth, and also provide the possibility of drilling down to see which applications are being used.


A multi-vendor tool


A hybrid layer 2 / layer 3 network monitor; that is, by default it uses the layer 2 Media Access Control (MAC) addresses AND the layer 3 tcp/ip addresses.

BLËSK Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) is capable of associating the two, so that ip and non-ip traffic (e.g. arp, rarp) are combined for a complete picture of network activity.

  • View custom feeds for NetFlow ®, sFlow ®, jFlow ® and other data
  • Analyze NetFlow v5, v9, sFlow v2, v4, v5 Cisco Systems, Juniper, etc ..
  • Can collect simultaneously from multiple probes
  • View AS number, AS summary, analysis of BGP

Capture up to 99% of all network traffic with less impact on global system performance.