Switch Port Manager

Discover and track

Track devices connected to switches and monitor which ports are free or used. Complete network discovery and dynamic inventory for multi-vendor devices and topology.

BLËSK Switch Port Manager (SPM) uses Netdisco to provide comprehensive views and management of multi-vendor switches, incorporating current and historical views of IP, MAC, port, VLAN mappings and network device topology. Find out which devices are connected, the IP addresses they are using, and where they are located in the network.

Inventory of Network Devices


BLËSK Switch Port Manager automatically keeps track of the status of your switches and ports, your capacity, your history, your device topology, and lets you see at any given time who’s using what, where and for how long, making answers to auditors the need of manually tracing the network cables or retrieving an host on the office.

  • Locate a machine on the network by MAC or IP and show the switch port it lives at
  • Turn Off a switch port while leaving an audit trail
  • Inventory your network hardware by model, vendor, switch-card, firmware, etc
  • Report on IP address and switch port usage: historical and current
  • Pretty pictures of your network

Switch Port Manager offers complete network discovery and dynamic inventory for multi-vendor devices for both physical aspects as well as logical components such as VLANs, routers, HSRP/VRRP peers, FDDI, Token-Ring and subnets.

Locate the exact switch port of any node

Track end hosts connected to switches with detail views of current and historical status for improved troubleshooting or to find rogue devices. The automatic tracking shows you where devices are connected, when they were connected and where they are now, so you can track all authorized devices on an on-going basis and instantly find rogue devices that pop on and off the network.

Automatically detects all end-hosts connected to the network, so you can quickly identify when approved and/or non-approved devices attach to the infrastructure and their locations. By tracking every end device connected, SPM eliminates the risk of not knowing what is connected to the network.


Eliminate waste easily


Switch Port Manager displays which ports are free, used and available, so you can easily see which switches are running out of capacity. The solution eliminates the guesswork so you can safely reclaim unused ports which eliminates waste and adds capacity.

Visibility and reporting also includes all historical connections for forensics and compliance auditing requirements. Details encompass every IP address, MAC, connected switch port, VLAN, NETBIOS and DNS name for every end device.