Activate passive services Template

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Once the passive host has been created and activated in APM, we need to activate the passive services to monitor on the host. These services represent the command lines we added in the agent configuration file on the remote Windows server.


1. For passive checks, there are eight pre-defined service template that we can activate in BLESK. Go to “Configure | Administration | Supervision | Services”, then search for “passive” to see the list of passive check services available.


2. To activate, register and associate the passive service template to a passive host, edit the desired passive services template, then be sure that the following are selected.

  • The “Registered” check box should be checked.
  • The “Active” check box should be checked.
  • You must, at a minimum, use the default selected “Host group” called “Distributed Enterprise Network” (or select another one of your choice), or instead the host for which this passive service should be associated in the “Host” field. It is up to you to choose the method used to associate the service to the host (Host groups vs Hosts approach).


Once completed, click on the “Save” button to save your changes for the service definition. Repeat the same procedure for any additional passive service templates you want to activate.

Author: wpadmin