Send via SMS or Page

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When your modem has been installed, configured and tested, it’s time to let’s BLËSK know which contact should use this method to send alerts.

1 . Go to APM | Configure | Administration | Notifications | Contact, then edit the contact from which you want to change its method to send alert then select the following:

For SMS Messages:

  • Select under “Host command” – notify-host-by-sms
  • Select under “Service command” – notify-service-by-sms

For Page Messages:

  • Select under “Host command” – notify-host-by-page
  • Select under “Service command” – notify-service-by-page

2 . Restart APM for the changes to take effect. Go to Tools | Control then click on the “Do it” buttons:

Author: wpadmin