Contact groups

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A contact group is used to group one or more contacts together for the purpose of sending out alerts and recovery notifications.

For example, I can have two teams working on different parts of the network. One who is responsible only for network devices, and the second responsible for all servers. By creating a Contact group called NDG for those people responsible for monitoring the health of all network devices and another group called SDG for those in charge of servers will let me separate alerts according to the device that is having a problem.

How to create a Contact group ?

To create a new Contact group, go to “APM | Configure | Administration | Notifications | Contact groups” and click the “Add” button.

Then define a name for your Contact group, a description, and finally select from the list of available members (contacts) the ones which should be associated with this new Contact group. These three fields are the minimum required for the new Contact group to be created.

Note: Don’t forget to activate the Contact group by checking the boxes “Registered” and “Active” on the page before clicking on the “Save” button.

Author: wpadmin