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A general view of your monitored devices. Here you can manually create a new device by clicking the “+” icon.

NPM | Configure | Devices

1 . The first step to manualy create graphs for your network is adding a device for each network device that you want to create graphs for. A device specifies important details such as the network hostname, SNMP parameters, and host type. Assuming you’ve just logged in, you’ll see a page like this. Clicking + will bring up a new device form.

2 . The first two fields, Description and Hostname are the only two fields that require your input beyond the defaults. If your host type is defined under the Device Template dropdown, be sure to select it here. It is important to remember that the device template you choose will not lock you into any particular configuration, it will just provide more intelligent defaults for that type of host.

 After saving your new device, you should be redirected back to the same edit form with some additional information. If you configured SNMP for this host by providing a valid community string, you should see various statistics listed at the top of the page. If you see “SNMP error ” instead, this indicates an SNMP communication problem between NPM and your device.

Author: wpadmin