Install the agent

Reading Time: 3 minutes

1. Start by downloading a copy of the lite agent from our website at the following URL:


2. After unzipping the archive on your Windows sever, you should have two executable files and the folder containing the plugins for the agent.

Note: Use the executable version of the lite agent that matches your Windows architecture (64 bits, 32 bits). Double click on the file to start the installation.


3. Accept the software license agreement.


4. Now it’s time to add the information’s about your BLËSK server.

  • In the NRDP URL field enter the url of your NRDP server (your BLËSK server). You can use your BLËSK server’s FQDN or it’s public IP address. For example: or

Note: You should use the http protocol. The https protocol isn’t tested yet.

  • The Token field is used to define the pre-shared key between the agent that you are installing on this server and the BLËSK server. This token will be used for the authentication on both sides. For example: _N65=7e43Q5Butj
  • The Configuration name field is used to assign a name to this configuration. For example: My Camera server
  • The Host Name field is important because it is used to specify the FQDN of the server on which you installed the lite agent. For example:
  • Time Interval – Keep this at 5 minutes. This is the time we have established as optimal in order to have all information transmitted to the BLËSK server.


5. After you have entered all of the information, press the “Next” button.

On the next screen keep the two components selected then press “Next”. The first selected component will create the configuration file and the second will add the Windows task needed to automatically send the collected information to the BLËSK server.


6. On the next screen, Keep the default destination folder and click “Install”.


7. Wait for the installation process to complete then click the “Close” button.


8. Go to the Task Scheduler and verify if the task was created. The name of the task should be the FQDN of the server on which you are installing the agent.

Author: wpadmin