Installing the Deployment tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes

To install the OCS Inventory NG Agent Deployment Tool, download the executable from the Tools section of our website and run OCS-NG-Agent-Deployment-Tool-Setup.exe on a Windows Computer.

1 . Click [Next].

2 . Validate license agreement by clicking [ I agree ].

3 . Choose the destination folder for the installation and click [ Next ].

4 . Choose the start menu folder and click [ Install ].

5 . Click [ Finish ] to close OCS inventory NG Agent Deployment Tool Setup. Setup can start the tool for you if the box Start OCS Inventory NG Agent Deplyment Tool is checked.

6 . Click on [ Options ] to display settings.

7 . At least, you must provide the path to the Windows SysInternals PsExec tool:

Click [ OK ] to save your changes.

Author: wpadmin