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Revision 1.0.4 – (06-01-2017)


In APM, you can easily define which contacts or contact groups get notified for a certain service in the service definition.

APM | Configure | Administration | Supervision | Services

So only contacts of the contact group “intranet-admins” would be informed about problems regarding this service. You could also use the “contacts” directive to list individual contacts or list multiple contact groups.

But often, the responsibility of admins is not defined through services, but through hosts. Usually, there is a group of admins for Linux servers and one for Windows servers or a group for Intranet servers and one for Internet servers. As admins usually are annoyed if they get notifications about servers they are not responsible for, it is usually a good idea to only notify those admins that are responsible. So you can also do this at the host-definition.

APM | Administration | Monitoring | Hosts

So only the contact_group “inranet-admins” would be notified for this host. But one thing where the “contacts” and “contact_groups” directive is missing, is the hostgroups definition. It is not possible to directly assign a contact group or list of contacts to a hostgroup or the other way round. So here is how it can be done with another type of definition.

Author: wpadmin