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Revision 1.0.1 – (23-01-2017)


Admins often have to shoulder the burden of answering pagers, cell phone calls, etc. when they least desire them. No one likes to be woken up at 4 am to fix a problem. But its often better to fix the problem in the middle of the night, rather than face the wrath of an unhappy boss when you stroll in the next morning.

For those lucky admins who have a team of gurus who can help share the responsibility of answering alerts, on-call rotations are often setup. Multiple admins will often alternate taking notifications on weekends, weeknights, holidays, etc.

We’ll show you how you can create time period definitions in a way that can facilitate most on-call notification rotations. These definitions won’t handle human issues that will inevitably crop up, but they will allow you to setup a basic structure that should work the majority of the time.

Author: wpadmin