Network Map

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Network Map is a visualization add-on for APM that can be used to visualize APM data.

APM | Status | Network Map

For example, it can display IT processes such as a mail system or a network infrastructure. It will dynamically update the maps objects after certain intervals to reflect the current state.

Here are some examples of what Network Map can do:

  • Visualize a complete Host or Service group as a single icon
  • Display the summary state of a Host and all its services
  • Sub-categorize icons representing a complete Map in a single icon (drill down)
  • Visualization of complete IT processes using self drawn graphics
  • Visualization of network traffic using weathermap lines

Note Network Map should be used only after all components that you want to monitor have been entered into APM, because when components are monitored, they will be available as objects to be placed on a map with this tool.

Author: wpadmin