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This section allow you to control the auto detection feature of NPM.

There are several important and customizable fields on this page. You have to click on the “+” icon located upper right of the page to add a new entry about the IP range your want to scan. NPM | Scan | +

Here are the minimal required parameters to make the scan work. The first is the “Name” of the scan, then the “Subnet Range”. The next important field is the “Schedule Type” used to define the collection frequency.

You can also change the default parameter of the “Discovery Threads” if you want the scan to run faster on large IP ranges. Be sure to check the “Enabled” box, optionally the “Enable NetBIOS” and the “Automatically Add to blësk” box.

Finally, the “Rerun Every” field will let you re-run the discovery for this scan every x time selected here.

Author: wpadmin