Scenario 2: Alternating Days

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this scenario John and Bob alternate handling alerts every other day – regardless of whether its a weekend, weekday, or holiday.

1 . Define a timeperiod for when John should receive notifications. Assuming today’s date is August 1st, 2017 and John is handling notifications starting today, the definition would look like this:

define timeperiod{
	timeperiod_name		john-oncall
	2017-08-01 / 2		00:00-24:00	; Every two days, starting August 1st, 2017

2 . Now define a timeperiod for when Bob should receive notifications. Bob gets notifications on the days that John doesn’t, so his first on-call day starts tomorrow (August 2nd, 2017).

define timeperiod{
	timeperiod_name		bob-oncall
	2017-08-02 / 2		00:00-24:00	; Every two days, starting August 2nd, 2017

3 . Now you need to reference these timeperiod definitions in the contact definitions for John and Bob:

Author: wpadmin