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A service entry is used to identify a “service” that runs on a host. The term “service” is used very loosely. It can mean an actual service that runs on the host (HTTP, SQL, EXCHANGE, etc.) or some other type of metric associated with the host (response to a ping, number of logged in users, free disk space, etc.).

If you decide to manually create a new service entry, then it is recommended to copy/clone an existing one and modify the values and parameters needed to make it fit the requirements. This way you will save time and avoid possible errors during creation based on a blank service template.

There are many available options and parameters available when creating a new service. Below we will focus on the ones which required special attention.

Note: If you use the auto detection feature of BLESK, then all services detected for a particular device will automatically be associated with the corresponding host entry for you when the device will be exported to the APM database.

Author: wpadmin