The Page approach

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For those who still need a page tool to send text message to a pager device, here is the setup to follow to make it work with BLËSK.

1 . Connect the modem to your BLËSK server then check on which port the modem is attached by using the following command:

dmesg | grep tty

Note The above command will let you know how the name of your device is detected and called. Note it somewhere because you’ll need it later during modem configuration step.

2 . We use a tool installed on BLËSK called Qpage to send page messages. Make sure that Qpage has the right configuration setting for your modem in its configuration file located at:  /etc/

Here are the parameters you must change. (Modem is on ttyACM0 in this example).

administrator=root@localhost – Define the email of the administrator.

initcmd=ATE1Q0TV1X3F1&C1&D0&N2 – This represent the modem initialization command and vary depending of your model. See on the manufacturer website of the modem to know the one you should use here.

phone=8195551212 – The phone number of your ISP which provide the hosting of your pager.

pagerid=1234567 – Your pager ID

3 . The next step is to configure the Qpage service to automatically start at boot time with the server.

chkconfig qpage on

4 . Then restart the service using this command:

service qpage restart

5 . Now it’s time to test to see if it work by sending a page message:

qpage -i -d default "test page"
Author: wpadmin