Add Items to your report

Reading Time: 3 minutes

1 . Once your automated linear report is created, the other tabs will be available and activated automatically.

Now you need to add data items. Data items represent the data related to graph that are available in NPM. Click the “Reports” link located on the colum at the left to go back, then the “Add” link in the right upper corner to display the screen from where you can add new data.

2 . Depending of your template selection, the list of available data will be adjusted. In our example, we previously chosen the template related to network interface, therefore the data presented here will rely on devices with port interfaces. Usually, you will want to add a ‘data’ item from all devices having a port interface. Below is an example of how it should appear. Select all data objects you want to add then click “Create“.

3 . Once completed, click on the link called in our example “Monthly Network Traffic Statistic” to return to the previous page where we can activate scheduled reporting for this linear report.

4 . Click on the “Administration” menu. This will present you with the administration report configuration screen where you will have to fill out some information regarding the way you wish to apply scheduling and email reporting. The most important information is bordered in red. Don’t forget to click on the “Save” button when completed.

5 . Click on the “Email” menu to provide information about which should receive this linear report as well as other information related to Subject, etc. Click “Save” when completed.

6 . Go to Configure | Management – Reports, then select the report from the list and click on the “Go” button to manually run the report now. This will create it and make it available under the “Reporting” menu as a new Linear Reports available to consult.

Note The process of running the report manually could take some time depending of the number of data to retrieve, be patient.

Author: wpadmin