Create a new Automated Linear Report

Reading Time: 2 minutes

1 . You can create as many automated linear reports as you like. In order to create a new automated report, you will need to go to the Reports Management page located under NPM | Configure | Management  – Reports.

2 . On this page, click the “+” icon to create a new linear report.

3 . Choose a template this report should depend on, then click “Continue“.

4 . This will present you with the new Report Configuration (General) screen where you will have to fill out general information regarding the new automated linear report you wish to create. The most important information is bordered in red and explained below.

The reporting period can be divided into two different types: Using a sliding time frame means that NPM automatically calculates the start and the end date in relation to the predefined time frame selected by us. This is very useful if you want to schedule the report. The second type allows us to define a static time frame.

Author: wpadmin