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Revision 1.0.0 – (08-15-2018)


Network map is a very powerful tool for graphical representation of your monitored services. You can upload images and create a map that will represent different portions of your network, or take a pictures of your switches, routers, servers, etc.. and use it. You can give your imagination free reign to create all kinds of illustrations.

This software can be applied to a variety of business IT processes. These include:

  • Representation of a logical network view with correlating current states
  • Creation of simplified views for end users or help desk
  • Visualization of network connections or VPN routes
  • Summary information from an entire physical site or data center in a regional view
  • Link status information with the server rack location
  • View hardware and correlating monitoring states

To make using Network Map tool easier, we recommend starting your learning process in this order:

Author: wpadmin