Modify view

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Modify view menu lets you modify the way the selected map will appear. By default, the changes are not permanent even if you have modified the view, but they can be made permanent as we will see below.

You can change any of the above parameters to modify the appearance of the map. The most important and interesting options are those related tothe “header_menu”, “hover_menu”, “context_menu” parameters and “Make Permanent”.

Here are explanation of each one:

With the “header_menu” directive, it is possible to hide or display the header menu of the map. By default, the header menu is displayed.

The “hover_menu” directive controls whether to let the user see the hover menu when they put their mouse on a icon on the map. By default, the hover menu is displayed.

The “context_menu” represents the menu that lets you configure features of the element with a right-click of the mouse. By default, the context menu is displayed.

When you make modifications to the default parameters, the modifications are not saved and will revert to the default values when you return to the map. To make the changes permanent, you have to use the “Make Permanent” directive and choose if you want those changes to be permanent “for all users” or just “for you”, then click on the save button.

Author: wpadmin