Manage Maps

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

The “Manage Maps” option lets you manage maps. A map represents the canvas on which you will create your graphics. It will later automatically appear in the “Open” tab. Five actions are available in the manager: create, rename, delete, export and import a map.

Create a map

To create a map, you need to give it a name, then an alias. Next, from the “Map Type” pull down menu, select the type of map you want to create. Usually, a regular map will make the job for most of us.

Rename a map

You can rename a map by selecting the name of the map you wish to rename from the “Map” pull down menu. Then, in the “New name” field provide a new name for the selected map and click the “Rename” button. This will only affect the map name, and not any titles within the map that may have the same name.

Delete a map

To delete a map, select it from the “Map” pull down menu and click the “Delete” button. Maps that have been deleted cannot be retrieved.

Export or Import a map

Exporting a map means exporting its configuration file, and Import is for importing a configuration file. You may need to export a map configuration to create a backup, or to import it into another system.

Author: wpadmin