Service Line

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To add a line between two hosts, go to Edit Map | Add Line | Service, then from the ”host_name” pull down menu select the name of the host you wish to use. Then from the “service_description” pull down menu select the name of the service. Now click on the Appearance tab, then on “line_type” and select “–%–><–%–” to present the usage in percent format.

Leave the other default options as is and click “Save”. Repeat the steps for the other end point hosts that you wish to add to your map.

NoteWatermark works well with “Service” because service object are often port interfaces or WAN, and this kind of element returns data values.

If you want to get more information about the other available parameters, read bellow.

Value Default Description
line_type none Specifies the type of line when view_type=line. Valid values are:
“11” for lines with one arrow at the end of a line.
“10” for lines with two arrows pointing to each other in the middle of the line.
“12” for plain lines without arrow.
x none X axis coordinate(s).
y none Y axis coordinate(s).
line_arrow inherited This defines the arrows at the end of the line. At the moment this attribute is only being used for the lines between hosts on the automap. Possible values: forward, back, both, none.
line_width 3 The width of the line in pixels.
line_color #ffffff The fill color of the line in hex form. Can also be “transparent”.
line_color_border #000000 The border color of the line in hex form. Can also be “transparent”.
hover_menu 0 Enable/Disable the hover menu
hover_url none URL which should be displayed when hovering over the image. By default there is no action on hover.
hover_delay inherited Delay of hover menu appearance in seconds
url none URL where the Icon should link to. By default there is no link. The value can be empty to disable the link.
url_target _self Target of the Icon link, this option adapts <a target=“”> (_self is same window)
use none Comma separated list of object templates to use.
z 1 The z option defines the order of icons which are stacked on top of each other. The highest value will be displayed on top. The background image has the value of 0. So valid values should be above or equal 1. Note: To prevent conflicts with the header navigation you should keep this value below 100.
Author: wpadmin