The ‘Host groups’ directive

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This field, which appears under the “Common settings” tab of a Host definition, is used to identify in which hostgroup(s) the host belongs. This directive may be used as an alternative to (or in addition to) using the “Members” directive in “Host groups”.

If a hostgroup is defined here (under the Host template) – this host will not be selected inside the “Member” field of the same “Host groups” definition! Therefore, if you select the name of a host group here, this same name will not be used under the “Members” field of the “Host groups” definition even if you select it.

By default, the auto detection engine of BLESK prefers to use the “Host groups” directive in the “Host” definition to identify the host group to which the host belongs.

Note: Remember that the ‘Host groups’ field that appears in the “Host” template page as described here, is not the same as the one under the “Host groups” template page even if they share the same name. Refer to the “Host Groups” paragraph below for more information on difference between both definitions sharing the same name.

Author: wpadmin