Move multiple item together

Reading Time: < 1 minutes
How to move multiple icon representing host together

Sometime, you need to move your icons to realign on the map and moving one icon at a time is not a solution. Here is a way using shortcut keys to move multiple item together.

  • Go on your map, then Edit Map | Lock/Unlock all to unlock your map.

  • Once the map is unlocked, press CTRL on the icon you want to move. A green rectangle will appears on the next icon, click on it, and repeat for each icon you want to include in the group for realignment. Once you’ve clicked on each one, move them with your mouse to the new location on the map.

NotePress CTRL for relative positioning. Hold CTRL till drop for absolute positioning.

NotePress SHIFT for relative positioning. Hold SHIFT till drop for absolute positioning.

Author: wpadmin