Enable SNMP & Traps on FortiSwitch

Connect to your FortiGate, then enter the following commands in CLI to enable and configure SNMP.

exe switch get-conn
exe telnet x.x.x.x
conf sys int
edit mgmt
set ip x.x.x.x/x
set allow https ping ssh snmp

conf router static
edit 0
set device mgmt
set gateway x.x.x.x

config system snmp community
edit 0
set name public
config hosts
edit 0
set server "x.x.x.x/32"

conf sys snmp sysinfo
set description "whatever"
set status enable

1. (exe switch get-conn) to get the list of IP Fortilink switches.
2. (exe telnet x.x.x.x) to connect to the switches from the FortiGate.
3. (conf sys int) + (edit mgmt) + (set ip x.x.x.x/x) + (set allow https ping ssh snmp) + (end) to configure the management port.
4. (conf router static) + (edit 0) + (set device mgmt) + (set gateway x.x.x.x) + (end) to configure the default route.
5. (set name public) – public is the community string here.
6. (set server “x.x.x.x/32”) – x.x.x.x/32 represent the IP of your BLESK server.