Enable SNMP on Avaya/Nortel

Reading Time: < 1 minute

To configure SNMP for the Nortel, access the SNMP menu by using the following command.


1 – Specifies the SNMP versions allowed:

/cfg/sys/adm/snmp followed by: v2c

2 – Configure the community string:

/cfg/sys/adm/snmp/community followed by: read public

Specifies the monitor community string (public in our example) that grants read access. If you do not specify a monitor community name, read access is not granted.

3 – Configure the community name that accompanies trap messages sent to the SNMP manager:

/cfg/sys/adm/snmp/community followed by: trap public

In the above example, public is the trap community name. If you do not specify a trap community name, the sending of trap messages is disabled.

4 – Configure notification targets (where SNMP Traps are sent), with the following command:

/cfg/sys/adm/snmp/target <target ID> followed by : ip x.x.x.x version v2c

<target ID> is a positive integer that uniquely identifies the notification target in the cluster. x.x.x.x represent the IP address to which trap messages are sent. version v2c specifies the SNMP version used by the SNMP manager.

Author: wpadmin