Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability Management is a core action required to protect your critical business systems from compromise. The Blesk NSM (Network Security Monitor) function provides a way to continually identify potential vulnerabilities on systems, and produces a detailed plan on how to remediate and remove those vulnerabilities from your critical business systems.


  • Continual scanning of your internal and external environments.
  • Rapid identification of vulnerabilities on critical business assets.
  • Advanced trending and analysis reporting of your vulnerabilities.
  • Recommendations on patch prioritization based on critical business assets and key risks.
  • Validation that patches were successfully deployed.


  • Rapid identification of vulnerabilities allows you to quickly take action to patch affected systems, or put compensating controls in place to minimize risk.
  • By providing trend and analysis reporting on vulnerabilities, organizations can better understand their risks, fix systemic issues, and effectively plan remediation activities.
  • Continual validation provides reassurances that systems were patched effectively.
  • Reduce the impact of costly security staff recruitment and training.
  • A solution which is designed to scale for growth with your business, if required.