Install the agent

Reading Time: 3 minutes

1 . Start by downloading a copy of the agent from our website at the following URL.

Note Use the executable version of the agent that matches your Windows architecture (64 bits, 32 bits).

2 . After the download has finished, start the installation wizard by clicking the downloaded file.

3 . Select “Generic” mode then click “Next“.

4 . Select “Typical” for the setup type.

5 . Use the following configuration then click “Next”.

  • In the “Allowed hosts” field enter the to allowed hosts record. is the IP address of our BLËSK server in this example.
  • Password: The password field is not used, so that you can keep what is set by default.
  • Insecure legacy mode: It’s important to select this option. We control security by which is allowed or not to connect with the agent.

6 . Click Install to begin the installation.

Author: wpadmin