Change the threshold

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Once in the service parameters, you will notice fields indicated with numbers of arguments representing the values ​​of the thresholds. One field represents the value for the thresholds in “Warning” state and the other that of the “Critical” state. In our example, $ARG3$ and $ARG4$ represent these values ​​but it should be noted that this can change from one service to another.

These fields are said to be dynamic, in other words, the values ​​represented by these arguments can change from one type of service to another. Therefore, they are not specific for only entering values ​​representing thresholds. We can see it in this example with $ARG2$ representing the name of the interface and $ARG1$ that of the SNMP community.

Still in our example, 90% is the default value that we defined for the “Warning” threshold in the $ARG3$ field and 97% for the “Critical:” threshold in the $ARG4$ field. You must therefore change these two values ​​to the one you want in these fields then click on “Save” to save your modifications.

Author: wpadmin