Enable NetFlow on Cisco

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

To ensure that the necessary hardware is enabled, issue the show module command, as follows:

show module all
Mod  Submodule               Model             Serial No.   Hw   Status
1   Netflow Services Card   WS-F4531          JAB062209CG  0.2  Ok
Note If the NetFlow module is available, you should see something like the above.

The following sequence of IOS commands can be used as a model for configuring NetFlow.

router#configure terminal
router-2621(config)#interface FastEthernet 0/1
router-2621(config-if)#ip route-cache flow
router-2621(config)#ip flow-export destination x.x.x.x 6343
router-2621(config)#ip flow-export source FastEthernet 0/1
router-2621(config)#ip flow-export version 5
router-2621(config)#ip flow-cache timeout active 1
router-2621(config)#ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15
router-2621(config)#snmp-server ifindex persist
Note In the above example, the ip flow-export destination « x.x.x.x » is the IP address of the BLËSK monitoring server. The « 6343 » in the ip flow-export destination command example corresponds to the Local Collector UDP Port number configured for the NetFlow plugin. The flow export source interface will vary, depending on the interface providing the source traffic.

Author: wpadmin