Enable sFlow on Brocade

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

The following configuration enables sFlow monitoring of all interfaces on a Brocade FGS switch (24 ports), sampling packets at 1-in-10, polling counters every 20 seconds and sending the sFlow to an analyzer ( on UDP port 6343 (the default sFlow port):

fgs(config)# int e 0/1/1 to 0/1/24
fgs(config-mif-0/1/1-0/1/24)# sflow forwarding
fgs(config-mif-0/1/1-0/1/24)# exit
fgs(config)# sflow destination 6343
fgs(config)# sflow sample 10
fgs(config)# sflow polling-interval 20
fgs(config)# sflow enable
Author: wpadmin