How Switch Port Manager helps you to quickly locate equipment on your network

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Networks keep growing and the ability to keep track of all devices connected to them has become a daunting task when you do not have the right tools at hand.

In the early days of computer networking, most devices were located in a single room or spread across a building so keeping track of all connected devices was challenging but not impossible. 

The complexity of today’s networks however, make it almost impossible for users to monitor and track all devices within a network in an efficient way. How are companies with dozens, hundreds or thousands of connected devices able to keeping track of them? How can their IT teams detect and find the location of the device or application responsible for downtime?

Network mapping allows you to keep track and locate devices or applications connected to your company’s network easily. All you need to find a device is either its name, MAC or IP address and within seconds you can find out exactly where it resides and what other devices are linked to it. Having this type of map can help your team, better understand the relationship between devices and applications in order to better assess problems when they arise.

Network maps can also be leveraged to enhance your cybersecurity! By providing your team with a snapshot of all connected applications and devices at a given point in time, they will be able to detect unwanted connections and take action. 

How is this done?

With blësk SPM, keeping track of device types, serial numbers, models, firmware versions and more becomes an easy task. SPM dynamically extracts this device information for you. Data is refreshed with each scan to stay up-to-date, so it is important to ensure your team periodically scans your network to keep their mappings up to date.

To find out more about how blësk Network Monitoring can help your business be more efficient, reach out to our team for a free trial or personalized demo today!

Robin Almaraz
Author: Robin Almaraz