The importance of good visibility of your network

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How can you defend what you cannot see?

At its heart, visibility refers to the ability to see the data transfer that happens within your network. Where is data coming from? Where is it going? Who is making the request to access it? These are some of the questions that can be answered by having a clear view of your network. With the increase in user mobility and all the remote connections this implies, not being able to see all these communications can lead to many issues. 

We have listed below some of the main downsides that poor network visibility can have on your business.

Lack of visibility affects planning: How can you plan when to add resources if you cannot tell what your network consists of? This lack of understanding of what lived in your network can have an impact on your business ability to adapt to business or market shifts.

Negatively impacts your network security: Phil Quade’s quote “you cannot defend what you cannot see” summarizes the importance of good visibility in relation to the security of your network and information pretty well. When you lack visibility, it is almost impossible to identify where your important assets are located, let alone where the vulnerabilities in your network are. 

Affects reliability: Your users and customers count on your network to get a seamless experience every time they go to work or get your products or services from your website or application for example. Without good visibility of your network, how can you know when something is not working as expected? To avoid this, you need to stay on top of everything that goes on on your network and this is where having a birds eye view of your network comes in handy.

Hurts downtime troubleshooting: You cannot fully prevent downtime of course, but having good visibility paired with good management practices can help reduce the impact these can have on your business. An alert that warns you before an issue becomes serious, might be all you need to avoid a bigger problem.

This few points highlight the significance of good visibility of your network. The lack of it, can have important repercussions not only in the security of your network but also in the overall performance of your business.

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Robin Almaraz
Author: Robin Almaraz