Why should you consider segmenting your network?

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Given the time and ressources that a network segmentation project needs, many businesses  decide to stay where they are, and keep their flat network infrastructure in place. The question they should be asking themselves should be: Is this really a safe thing to do?

With cyberattacks on the rise, there has never been a better time to consider breaking down your network into smaller segments. The goal? To  limit the number of assets a cyberattack can compromise. Segmentation is not only implemented to increase a network’s security, but also to have better control on the access your users are granted in your network, which helps improve performance and maintenance.

In today’s world, you have to assume that one day or another, your network will be attacked. This means that you must ensure that once the threat is inside, the access to the rest of the network is restricted. 

Below are some of the main benefits that network segmentation can bring to your business:

Improved security: If a breach occurs, the breach will be limited to the assets in the affected segment. This helps limit the exposure of other critical information in your network.

Better Access Control: Your users can only access the segments of the network they actually need (Principle of Least Privilege).

Better monitoring: You can better detect suspicious behaviour by monitoring allowed and denied connections within your network.

Enhanced performance: Local trafic is decreased as fewer users have access to a given subnet at a given time.

The benefits can easily outweigh the challenges a segmentation strategy might bring to your company. But remember that if you want your segmentation strategy to be successful, you need to ensure that your strategy is agile. This means flexible enough to adapt to future changes in your network’s infrastructure and industry shifts. It also needs to be granular enough that it is worth pursuing and maintaining and finally, that it is simple enough to monitor and manage.

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Robin Almaraz
Author: Robin Almaraz