How is blësk helping Canadian cities improve their networks’ reliability?

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Delays in problem diagnosis, longer than expected response times or outages, are some of the main problems towns and cities networks face on a regular basis. When not properly dealt with, these otherwise preventable IT problems can lead to frustration among the networks users and the teams in charge of them.

A city’s network can be complex. With dozens or sometimes hundreds of users, scattered across different physical locations, towns and cities face a big challenge if they want to stay ahead of possible network problems. When multiple outages happen at the same time, during thunderstorm for example, IT teams need to find the root of the problem so they can get fixed in a timely manner. Often, the problem is that not all IT teams have the proper tools to deal with these issues. 

It comes at no surprise that towns and cities from all sizes look for tools that can give them an overview of what is happening in their networks, in real time so problems are flagged the second they happen. With blësk technicians can program alerts that get delivered to their phones when problems come up.

Blësk, the monitoring solution cities can trust:

Facing a multitude of network related challenges, Canadian cities have been relying on blësk’s powerful and complete monitoring solutions to scan, visualize and report the activity within their networks. Blësk has also helped municipalities improve their IT assets management, enhance their network’s security and decrease the duration and number of breakdowns, improving efficiency and reliability of their IT infrastructure.

Customized solutions based on your needs:

Blësk network monitoring solutions are scalable, so regardless of the size of the city or complexity of the network, our experts will provide the best solution for your needs. Do you want to learn more about how blësk’s solutions can help you solve your city’s network challenges?

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Robin Almaraz
Author: Robin Almaraz