How is blësk helping education institutions provide a seamless learning and teaching experience?

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Education institutions have seen a significant change in the way their networks are being used. In the last few decades, they went from having dedicated computer labs with limited access points, to managing a network with thousands of connected devices and applications at once.

One of the major challenges education institutions face, is ensuring that the network is available to its users at any given time. Having a reliable network is important in order to maintain the quality of the service they provide to the different parties involved. This has to be achieved without compromising the opportunity for growth and the ability to adapt to changing environments. 

For example, students went from simple portals where they could register and manage their schedules, to having classes delivered 100% online. This shift in the type of information being delivered to students, highlights the importance of being able to find out about problems that arise within the network.

The benefits of a Network Monitoring tool in an educational context

Schools are choosing blësk monitoring solutions to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve server and network performance problems or outages before the users even notice the issue. By using blësk, IT teams are able to see accurate information on real-time network data, servers and services availability. These teams can also get a true account of the network status before rushing into situations when district sites report a “total outage” of IT related equipment, hence improving the experience of the students, staff and faculty when using the network.

Simply put, a powerful tool like blësk can:

  • Detect, diagnose and resolve performance problems when breakdowns occur
  • Streamline maintenance, repair, expansion, and modernization of the network
  • Provide visibility on the status of the network

blësk Network Monitoring: A solution that helps power the future of education

The growing interest in the new ways teaching and learning are being delivered and consumed has forced colleges and universities to revise and modernize their networks to meet the requirements and demands of their current and future users. Blësk has been the partner of choice for many education institutions looking to modernize and expand their network.

Customized solutions based on your needs:

Blësk network monitoring solutions are scalable and regardless of the size or complexity of the network, our experts will provide the best solution for your needs.

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Robin Almaraz
Author: Robin Almaraz