blësk, the next generation Network Monitoring Tool that helps improve reliability of network services of any business

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blësk, the most comprehensive Network Monitoring tool trusted by a multitude of clients, including public organizations in Canada. blêsk can be a game changer for businesses where downtime is not an option.

Monitoring the performance of computer networks is a resource intensive process. Business organizations often struggle to maintain uninterrupted service despite having modern IT infrastructure and an experienced IT team.

blësk acts as a 24/7 watchdog of your network. blësk network monitoring solution keeps the network administrator informed about all the events in real time, including error or failure notifications within the network.

The unique approach of blësk enables the system administrators to monitor all the key parameters from one single dashboard, including network traffic monitor, security testing, asset management, backup configuration, network inventory, store historical metrics, events management and much more.

Thought blësk comes with 8 different modules; the subscribers can select from 2 up to 8 modules based on the organization size and requirements.

Growing businesses with the lack of resources to run these operations, may consider outsourcing their network monitoring. For those that opt for this option, blësk now provides managed services, which include the installation, configuration, monitoring and support.

blësk documentation covers everything you need to learn configure, monitor, and manage the system. At the end of the learning process, a certification can be obtained so you users can become a certified blësk administrators.

Use cases include the health, education and local government organizations, data centers and retail companies as well.

In some environments like the Health Care industry, a longer network downtime can lead to a failure of proper emergency care, medical error or worse. Imagine the consequences if the Electronic Health Record (HER) is down. Critical information about a specific patient may be unavailable when it is most needed. As such healthcare providers must do their part in ensuring that information about the patient is available all the time.

Similarly, circulation of an emergency notice from a local government organization during a natural disaster is time sensitive and can save lives if information can be disseminated in a timely manner. Being able to count on your network and be alerted when something goes off is critical.

In summary, network performance is key to streamlined operations of businesses of all kinds. Service interruptions can only be mitigated by real-time status update of network services.

Discover why multiple of Healthcare facilities, Educational Institutions, Local Government organizations, Data centers and businesses rely on blësk to ensure the availability of their network.

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Imran ANM Al
Author: Imran ANM Al