Application Performance Monitor

Identify and Solve Issues

(Application Availability) – Covers all system environment, even the most unusual. It’s a lightweight, automated solution that detects problems before they affect your network and alerts you before your users do.

  Network Performance Monitor

Reduce Network Failures

(Network Data History) – Improve the performance and health of your network. Trace serial data such as CPU load or bandwidth usage. It collects, analyzes, and measures performance data for SNMP compliant devices in real time.

  Network Traffic Analyzer

Know How your Internal Traffic is Used

(Bandwidth Usage) – Use the network traffic flow available on your firewalls or switches to get complete visibility into what’s happening on your network, from input to output. Proactively identify bandwidth issues, performance bottlenecks, and DDoS attacks by following flow data through NetFlow, Jflow, and sFlow.

  Switch Port Manager

Locate Devices on your Network

Automatically identify the interconnections between devices with simple information such as the name of the device, its MAC or IP address and SPM finds the location within seconds. It is no longer necessary to manually determine what devices are connected to.

  Event Log Manager

Effectively Manage Massive Data

(Log Entry Management – Syslog) – Quickly identify useful information from syslogs received. ELM is a flexible and powerful tool that helps your team sort through the flow of data to quickly detect and act on problems before damage occurs.

  Network Configuration Manager

Manage Changes to Configurations

(Automatic Backup and Secure Archiving) – Schedule automated tasks associated with backups and securely storing all configurations of devices installed on the network. Unlike manual procedures and house scripts, you’ll have a centralized management system for all devices, while reducing the risk of manual errors or loss of resources.

  Network Security Monitor

Identify and Research Vulnerabilities

(Intrusion Prevention and Analysis System) – Perform real-time compliance scanning (scan) to detect and alert you of existing vulnerabilities across all your desktops and servers. The software also monitors attacks from the network by data capture (IDS) to inform you of suspicious behavior to comply with GDPR regulations.

  Asset Lifecycle Manager

Manage your Users’ Requests

(IT Help Desk) – Provides an overview of the asset inventory. It becomes easy to know the software used, their version and the number of licenses available. In addition, it is possible to associate tickets to equipment or software, so you keep the history of all the actions performed on a computer or a server during its life cycle.