Best Practices


Revision 1.0.2 – (03-01-2017)


In APM, a host entry is used to define a physical server, workstation, device, etc. that resides on your network. Every time a new device is added to APM, a host entry should be created to handle all definitions specific to this device.

If you decide to manually create a new host entry, it is recommended to copy/clone an existing one. You can then edit the new entry to modify the values and parameters needed to make it fit the newly added device. This will help you save time and avoid possible errors during creation based on a blank host template.

There are many options and parameters available when creating a new host. Below we will focus on the ones which require special attention.

Note: If you use BLESK’s auto detection feature, then host entries will automatically be created for you when the device is exported to the APM database.

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