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BLËSK is a complete network monitoring software suite, providing many features. With BLËSK, you can monitor the status of services on your server or your client machines , see the security status of your network, analyze communication protocols exchanged, view information on the features of the components of your network, verify the latency of your devices , see event log reports, and administer and manage your systems remotely.

The above list is only a brief overview of the capabilities of the software. Below we will discuss in more detail the different module and their uses.

To begin, it is important to introduce you to the different modules included with BLËSK.

These modules were created in order to make using BLËSK more enjoyable, and to separate the different functionalities. Version 5.0 of BLËSK includes eight (8) different modules as shown and briefly described below. Each of these modules provide various options and parameters which we will discuss later in this document.

Application Performance Monitor

The Application Performance Monitor module, also called APM, allows you to monitor and control the services performed or provided by the hosts or the physical devices on your network. This module includes different options and parameters which we will discuss later in this document.

Network Performance Monitor

The Network Performance Monitor module, also called NPM, provides detailed monitoring through the collection and analysis of data from routers, switches, servers, or any other SNMP-enabled devices.

Network Traffic Analyzer

The Network Traffic Analyzer module, also called NTA, allows you to measure and monitor the traffic on your network.

Event Log Manager

The Event Log Manager module, also called ELM, allows you to view quick summary or detailed reports of system events generated by your servers, your client machines, or network devices.

Switch Port Manager

The Switch Port Manager module, also called SPM, will analyze all of your switches, routers or firewalls and display the status of ports, MAC addresses, IP addresses, etc.

Network Security Monitor

The Network Security Monitor module, also called NSM, allows you to view and interact with the security reports generated by BLËSK.

Network Configuration Manager

The Network Configuration Manager module, also called NCMallows you to make incremental copies of the configuration of network devices such as your switches, routers and firewalls.

Asset Life Cycle Manager

The Asset Life Cycle Manager module, also called ALCM, compiles complete documentation of all workstations and servers on the network by automating the software and hardware inventory reports.

As you can see, there are many options available to you. In the following sections, we will see more details on the features of each module.

Happy reading …

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