APM – Change settings that trigger alerts

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Apply changes

Reading Time: 2 minutes 1 – Do not forget to click on the button at the bottom of the page called “Write all config files” in order to write all the modifications to the server disk. 2 – Finally, go to the Tools | Control and click on the four buttons appearing on this page in the order shown […]

Change the threshold

Reading Time: 2 minutes Once in the service parameters, you will notice fields indicated with numbers of arguments representing the values ​​of the thresholds. One field represents the value for the thresholds in “Warning” state and the other that of the “Critical” state. In our example, $ARG3$ and $ARG4$ represent these values ​​but it should be noted that this […]

Find the service

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the example that follows, we will look for the service template called “Port-Interface-Statistics” so that we can edit it to change the predefined thresholds for those we want. 1 – Go to APM | Configure, then authenticate. 2 – Once authenticated, click on Supervision | Services, then in the search field, search for the […]


Reading Time: < 1 minute Revision 1.0.0 – (12-17-2019)   The triggering of alerts is controlled by the setting of alert thresholds on each service. The defined values ​​are preconfigured by the BLESK team in order to save you time and facilitate your experience of using the solution. However, it may happen that you have to modify and adjust the […]