APM – Grant access to WMI without using administrator rights

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Grant privileges to WMI

Reading Time: 2 minutes Open « MMC » by going to start-menu and run the command « mmc » Go to File -> Add/Remove Snap-in… Add « WMI Control » for the local computer Click « OK » Right-click on « WMI Control (local) » and select « Properties » Go to the « Security » tab Select « […]

Change user settings

Reading Time: < 1 minute Edit the user just created and go to the tab « Members of » Click add and add the group « Distributed COM Users » Click « OK » Also add the group « Performance log users » Click « OK »

Create a new user

Reading Time: < 1 minute We create a new user and after that we will give the user access to do remote WMI queries. Go to « Server Manager » by right-clicking on « Computer » in the start-menu and select « Manage » Click your way down to Configuration -> Local Users and Groups -> Users Create a new user. Set « User Name » to any name you like. […]


Reading Time: < 1 minute Revision 1.0.1 – (03-01-2017)   There are two way to grant access to WMI for a remote user, either you add a user to the administrators group or you follow the steps below to grant access to WMI without using administrator rights. This part shows how to set up remote WMI access on a Windows […]