APM – Remove a device from Blesk

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Normal procedure for deleting

Reading Time: 2 minutes 1 – In general, if none of the cases listed above are encountered, removing a device is simply a matter of going to Supervision | Host then clicking on the “Delete” icon of the host in the list, followed by a “write all config files“. 2 – Afterwards, do not forget to go to Tools […]

No other device of this type

Reading Time: 4 minutes The second case that could occur and prevent the removal of the device, would be if it is the last device of its type still monitored in BLESK. 1 – SERVER2 is the only remaining Windows server. If we try to delete it, we will receive an error message indicating that there are several services […]

Check for dependencies

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the following example, we will remove a device (Windows Server called SERVER1) that has dependencies, associations, or if you prefer certain services that are not used or shared by other monitored devices in BLESK. 1 – Go to APM | Configure, then authenticate yourself. 2 – Once authenticated, click Supervision | Host, then in […]


Reading Time: < 1 minute Revision 1.0.0 – (12-10-2019)   Removing a device from BLESK can be as simple as clicking on the corresponding “Delete” icon. However if the device you want to remove is the last one of its type or has some services associated which are no longer used by other devices there are a few extra steps. […]