APM – Send alert using SMS or Page

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Send via SMS or Page

Reading Time: 2 minutes When your modem has been installed, configured and tested, it’s time to let’s BLËSK know which contact should use this method to send alerts. 1 . Go to APM | Configure | Administration | Notifications | Contact, then edit the contact from which you want to change its method to send alert then select the […]

The Page approach

Reading Time: 3 minutes For those who still need a page tool to send text message to a pager device, here is the setup to follow to make it work with BLËSK. 1 . Connect the modem to your BLËSK server then check on which port the modem is attached by using the following command: dmesg | grep tty […]

The SMS approach

Reading Time: 3 minutes We first start with the SMS Server Tools that come with BLËSK to make it send short messages through GSM modems. If your modem is not a GSM, then you cannot use this setting.To be able to send SMS, you will need the following: A GSM GPRS modem. A mobile SIM card with data activated to be able to send […]


Reading Time: < 1 minute Revision 1.0.1 – (18-01-2017)   One of the most important feature of the monitoring platform is the notification system. By default they use the local mail daemon installed on the server to send the notifications. Using local mail daemon may has some issues : Maybe your mail server goes down so you can’t receive the alert. Maybe […]