APM – Windows Passive Agent

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Apply your changes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Finally, we need to make sure that all the modifications we made are correct and have been applied on the server. To do this, go to “Tools”, “Control” and click the four buttons in order to write and apply all the information. Be aware that you should always click them in this order: 1. Write […]

Activate passive services Template

Reading Time: 3 minutes Once the passive host has been created and activated in APM, we need to activate the passive services to monitor on the host. These services represent the command lines we added in the agent configuration file on the remote Windows server.   1. For passive checks, there are eight pre-defined service template that we can […]

Create the new Host

Reading Time: 5 minutes Now the agent is installed and configured on the remote Windows server we wish to monitor, and its pre-shared key has been added to the BLËSK server NRDP configuration. The last step is to create/add the host in the APM module and start monitoring it. 1. Log in to the BLESK web interface. Select the […]

Configure BLËSK to accept the connection

Reading Time: 2 minutes That’s all concerning the installation and configuration of the agent. Now, let’s see how we can configure the BLËSK server to accept the data sent by the agent. 1. Log in to the BLËSK server through an SSH connection. Edit the config.inc.php file located in the /etc/nrdp directory.   2. Enter the pre-shared key that you had chosen previously […]

The plugins command lines

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can tell the agent how to use the plugins by adding some new command lines to its configuration file. Each command informs the program how to use the plugin, and each plugin has a specific function. Edit the configuration file at “C:\Program Files\Nagios\NRDS_Win” using administrator permissions. You should see something like the following:   […]